Saturday, December 11, 2010

sweetnyer soft pink

Her fourth and final choice after changing it three times since we first communicated via e-mail about two months ago. I understand what she's going thru , not that I had been there ( sadly, no wedding cakes for me sixteen years ago ) but the jitters, the anxiety, the feeling of wanting everything to be perfect and nice and sweet. After all, we hope to get married only once in our lives and we wanted it to be very special and memorable..
She came with her mum to confirm the order and decided to add one more order, MCB for makan2 just one day before the kenduri.

After a set of ladybugs cake and mini cakes, then, followed by the lilac hantaran cupcakes with blueberry cheesetarts for makan2 and on the same day, two tiered gold and brown wedding cake, vanillla with blueberries filling and chocolate moist cake together with one heart shaped chocolate gold and white hantaran cake and not forgetting one MCB for makan2 for the other kenduri, i was feeling a bit knackered, but the show must go on, still one more set of two tiered wedding cakes to make. Fortunately I had made the soft pink gumpaste roses a couple of days earlier , all that was left for me to do was bake the chocolate cake and banana walnut cake plus the decorating.

by the time both cakes cooled down, it was almost midnite but I had taken short dozes while waiting for the cakes to cool off so I was quite awake to do the decorating. by hook or by crook, they had to be ready tonight because her sister would be picking them up in the morning.
"Sya, what's the time now?"
She looked at the watch on the wall in the wet kitchen area and said,
" the long hand is at number 7 and
the short hand is just after number 2".
"It's 2.35 am, dear.
for every number, there's five minutes in it, therefore
7 times 5 equals what?'
5 + 5+ 5 +5 +5 + 5 + 5
there are seven times number five and so she started counting her fingers until she came to this answer:
so clever!

marble cheese brownies for makan2 a day before the kenduri

bottom tier, more than 2 kg banana walnut cake with cream cheese frosting sandwiched between the two layers, covered with off white fondant and very minimal deco with pink fondant blossoms and royal icing swirls.

"Aren't you sleepy? Why don't you go to sleep?"
"Batisya nak taman ( teman ) mama
but my eyes are feeling tired just a little.
How do you keep awake mama?"
why don't you drink my Nescafe?
she took a sip and made a face.........she didn't really like the taste but she drank it anyway just to stay awake and to keep me company.

78pearls, she counted

"Batisya nak letak jugak". she insisted on arranging the pearls around the cake

90 pearls to be exact, as counted by Batrisyia, we not only decorate cakes together but we studied Maths too.......hehe......
plus she also learned how to tell the time.

Sya, what' s the time now:
jarum panjang dekat nombor 3 and jarum pendek dekat nombor 3 jugak.
It's similar to the first one.
this time you time five with 3,
5 + 5+ 5 =?
and again she counted using her fingers
you did it again!So clever anak mama
So , not only that she helped me with the cake, accompanying me, keepin me company and awake, but she also learned how to count and how to tell the time.

I did the tiers and the knife set in the morning because I was feeling so sleepy after completing the cakes

the knife set

soft pink and off white two tiered wedding cake with matching tier and knife set for Farah and Faqroul's wedding, soon to be collected by Farah's sister who would be sponsoring this set. Lucky her to have three elder sisters, she being the youngest. Her sister came around noon and found out that she's an English teacher. She took TESL, the one course that I wanted so much to do but couldn't because it was not on the list.
Thank you Farah, for stumbling into my blog and decided to trust me with your very important day cakes. From her e-mails and calls, found that she's my neighbour, from the neighbouring taman, the distance being not even be 'sepenanak nasi' ( meaning it is very near ), but not 'sepelaung' (cos not that near), about less than five minutes drive only.

Wishing both the FF couple, Selamat Pengantin Baru', selamat mengharungi suatu fasa baru di dalam kehidupan mereka berdua. Pasangan yang sama cantik ,sama padan, sama sweet dan manisnya. may life always be gentle with the both of them and 'semoga kekal hingga ke hujung nyawa'.


  1. Hi Zue, just dropped by say hello. How you doin'? Busy?
    Have a nice weekend, Lee.

  2. hello Lee! I am in KL for my brother's wedding. taking a break from baking for a few days, do a bit of shopping, for the kids. going to back to my hometown next week , then school will re-open next year..
    thanx for dropping by and you take care