Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Salam Maal Hijrah

Selamat Hari Jadi Kak Akma and Salam Maal Hijrah 1 Muharram 1432

simple yet meaningful message from one neighbour to another.
This birthday lady's daughter, received a set of carrot walnut cupcakes for her graduation, her mother received a chocolate cake for her birthday and now it's her turn and she got a blueberry cheesecake from her thoughtful and friendly neighbour. How do I know that she is friendly? because she's my friend too.
As promised, she's here at 9 am to collect this cake and since today was a public holiday,'Maal Hijrah' I decided to join her for breakfast. Her favourite kuih, called 'pak tongko' or we the Kelantanese called it 'cakwe' could only be found at Pak Tuan restaurant and so we headed there but to her disappointment found the place closed for the holiday. We then made our way to Kopitiam at Jalan teluk Wanjah, the place was jammed pack with people since it was a holiday, many people took that opportunity to breakfast out with their families .No empty table, so we decided to 'join' table with two stranger but friendly ladies ( the world is full of friendly people.........)
There's nasi lemak, nasi berlauk, nasi dagang, roti canai, roti jala, roti sardin, all kinds of roti, mee kari, lontong, soup dishes, cokodoq, cucuq jagung, pasembor, yong tau foo, you name it, almost anything were served at the stalls there and I just settled for KCK breakfast. Don't ask me what KCK stands for, saw hubby had it before and decided to give it a try, it's two freshly toasted bread with half boiled eggs on top.Quite nice. I normally eat my half boiled egg and toast separately but this time, they came together, different but nice. My friend had nasi dagang and cucuq jagung. I 'tapaued' roti jala, mee kari and lontong for hubby and kids.
Quite a different morning from my usual routine. Different yet refreshing , relaxing and enjoyable , to be able to share this breakfast with my friend, not just sharing the moment but sharing stories too. Would have loved to stay longer but my gumpaste flowers were calling, no cakes to bake ( yet.....) but had to make the preparations for coming wedding cakes marathon the next day.
We drove back to my house and she collected her blueberry cheesecake before heading back to Suasana Permai to surprise her neighbur with the birthday cheesecake and me, back to my daily routines and chores but that few hours out was a nice change. Thank you Nik for the breakfast and the lovely time, it's been a while, despite being'free' for more than a year now, but I seldom do this, eating out with friends. Continued with my gumpaste roses for Yati ' gold and brown 'and Farah's ' soft pink and off white' two tiered wedding cakes.
Like I said, no cake baking today ( yet ) until 12 noon when I received a call from my regular cake loving friend whose auntie is planning to throw a 'makan2' for her son's birthday and all she had to do was bring the cake. As usual, the easiest, fastest but still delicious would be the MCB, marble cheese brownies. No hurry, she'd collect it around six or at night, but with everybody out, kitten hunting ( hubby saw one beautiful kitten at a pet shop and decided that this could be 'it' ) I was home alone wih my gumpaste, and my last minute order, by 3 pm , the MCB was ready.


  1. I asked the Kopitiam uncle many years ago when the kopitiam was in kanchut - why did he called the dish KCK? He said one man who just got transferred to alor setar came and asked for half boiled egg on toast. It wasn't in the menu. Later on, the dish became a regular to more people. So the uncle named the dish KCK, after the man who requested it. He was the Ketua Cawangan Khas. That's what the uncle told me lah...hehehe

  2. hello anonymous!
    thanx for dropping by and the info. That could be true cos KCK doesn't go with egg or half boiled or toast. you went there often I presume. Appreciate the info given, have a nice day!