Monday, December 26, 2011

A surprise but wonderful visit from a fellow baker

I am finally able to put a face to a name. i have known her for quite a while, to be exact since I started this baking and cake decorating craze. her name was mentioned to me by one of my customers. It was her teddies that brought me to her blog, and since then I always make a point to visit her blog as and when time permits.
Her creativity was captivating and her fluency in the English language just blew me away.several times I called or sms whenever I was in KL hoping to get to meet her in person but as it was not meant to be, we never had a chance until recently, on a clear and hot day in December when I received a simple text from her saying that she's in Alor Star, visiting and holidaying with her family.

I invited her over since they were very near my house and even though it was just a brief visit, but it was enough to embrace the warmth and kindlness from her and her family , just as she sounded in her blog.

I have a few photos of her as a remembrance of this special visit but I have to save the photo first because I seldom see her own photo i n her blog, and afraid that I might offend her if i put it in here.

Glad to have finally met you dear and hope we will meet agf ain, insyaAllah ada rezeki, I will drop by at your place , take care and keep those beautiful work and writing coming.

thank you for the beautiful flowers

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  1. As salam Zue,

    hehehe, baru tgk my own blog and at the same time baca blogs orang lain. SO sorry for that.

    Thank you so much for having us. It was nice to meet you and the kids and I apologize if I dropped by unannounced like that.

    Yes hope to see you in KL plak k.