Monday, December 26, 2011

grey lovebirds on cupcake tier

Lucky Hazif, to be surrounded by not one but three sisters who were incharge of his wedding. Haiza, one of the sisters called me wondering if i could make the cupcakes, she already had the tier and so all I need to do was make the carrot walnut cupackes with the lovebirds theme. She would send the tier over so that i could arrange the cupcakes on it and I got to meet with the other two sisters on that day. While discussing on these cupcakes, they looked through my cake albums,and decided on another cake, ( that is if I could make it since the pick up date is the next day! ) since it would be their niece's birthday, the daughter of the other sister whom I didn't get to meet that night.

They chose carrot walnut cake too with simple and minimal pink deco, with a touch of red roses fit for a 10 year old nana, bertuah juga lah Nana sama macam her uncle Hazif, dapat aunties ramai and baik baik belaka.

'the love bird', with the theme, grey and white, with a touch of black

i finally got to meet the other sister, the eldest, when she came to collect these cupcakes and the birthday cake

thank you ladies for trusting me with your only brother's wedding cupcakes and I am glad that I could make them despite the short notice given, am always happy and blessed to be given the opportunity to be part of a happy occasion.

"Selamat Pengantin Baru to Hazif and Mazirah"

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