Tuesday, December 6, 2011

creamy and cheesy BCT and MCB and chewy gooey BWW

woke up yesterday morning and saw two messages, one was sent at 6 am, about half an hour ago and the other at 10 pm the previous night. I had an early night, waited for " From Russia with love', the James bond movie but I slept while Rocky III was playing, and hence I didn't read her message until that morning. she wanted MCB and chocolate chip cookies by this evening, after 5pm, that shouldn't be a problem. the other message,the lady wanted the usual, brownies with walnut, readily sliced and blueberry cheesetarts, by 11.30 am, the same morning. Alhamdulillah, all the ingredients were there, I was in, so shouldn't be a problem, and she's a regular, plus she wanted to treat her friends for their break fast that evening. Banyak pahalanya berpuasa on the 10th of Muharram. thank you dear sis for always supporting me.

Farah was in KL so her sister came to collect the MCB and the CCC, her sister would also be leaving for KL the next morning.since there were a few extras of BCT i gave her to taste them when she asked me what other goodies that i made, and in less than ten minutes i received a call from her, asking whether it was possible for me to bake another MCB and two boxes of blueberry cheesetarts, they were creamy she said......thank you dear for the nice words, so glad that you like it.

the other MCB was for another sister, from what i found out, all three sisters reside in KL and co-incidentally all three married a Kelantanese! all three! ....depa ni pakat ke...hehe.....


slightly different design from the earlier MCBs and

the two boxes of BCT which I managed to complete by 12 midnite. she came to collect them as promised, early in the morning , before they left for KL. thank you Farah, thank you Farah's sister, sorry i didn't get your name, but thank you for your continnuous support.safe trip back to KL.

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