Monday, December 26, 2011

A place to call your 'home'

my cupcakes photo neatly framed at one corner .

I am sure you are wondering why am i enclosing photos of home deco, in this blog. please do not switch your channel for you are in the right place, cekmekzue's blog,only this time I won't be talking about cakes or cookies, cheesecakes or brownies.

"Home' , away from home

if you are looking for a place to stay while you are holidaying or visiting Alor Star, or attending weddings and 'kenduris' or your children's convocation or graduation? if you are looking for a place that will make you feel like you are at home, search no more, for this is the place for you , a place you can call 'home' while you are stay-ing here in Alor Star

with a simple but cosy living room, to just laze around, putting your feet up after a whole day of shopping at the Pekan Rabu , buying ikan pekasam or baulu panas, or sight seeing around the town , visiting Muzium Padi or the Telecom Tower, or attending your cousins' wedding or engagement ceremonies.

a corner of the kitchen, which you probably wouldn't spend much time in since you will be pre-occupied with other activities but nonetheless we provide you with the basic and minimum requirement, should you need to use them .

one of the 'zzzzzzz' rooms ( the back room ). A queen Size bed with comfy pillows and quilt to ensure you will have a peaceful, quiet and a good nite sleep..

big screen TV in the living room

another room, with Queen size bed with soft pillows and warm quilts to snuggle close at night and make you sleep like a baby.......prrrr meow or just like the cat in the poster hung above the bed. the poster, my personal favourite and collection, which was a present from a friend during my student days.

dining cum living room area , an ideal place for you and your family to gather, discussing on what to do the following day

the conversation would probably sound like this:

emm, should we go to Bukit Kayu Hitam or Padang Besar, or

if you bring your passports along, you can also cross the border to the other side, all the way to Haadyai or Songkhla,

OR perhaps you could also plan a day trip to Langkawi ,

whatever your plan for the day is, makan ikan bakar di Kuala Kedah or laksa di Teluk Kechai, or watching proudly , your son or daughter receiving their scroll on their graduation day, buying 'totos in bukit kayu hitam, you will come back to this queen size bed which is also the master bedroom , and rest/ sleep soundly for a long drive back to your own ' home sweet home ' the following day.

last but not least, a long mirror, so that you can have a full length view of your attire before leaving the house for the 'kenduri', nak betulkan samping pengantin lelaki ke, tudung tu matching tak dengan baju.........

located in the town area , at Jalan stadium, , about five minutes drive to the town centre, 10 minutres drive or less, to the Sultan Abdul Halim airport, less than five minutes away from Stadium Darul Aman. Easy access to the food joints in Alor Star,,five minutes drive or less to the MBAS swimming pool, and if you ladies, or mums who are looking for a good pampering, why not g for a massage or facial, manicure and pedicure, to a spa which is within walking distance, not forgetting the men too, the foot reflexology centres are nearby should you need a good massage for those tired feet.

and not forgetting, while if you are here and craving for something scrumptiously delicious, cheesy or gooey and chocolatey, you can always ring up Zue's Oven and place your order for the scrumptious oreo chocolate cheesecake, or marble cheese brownies or brownies with walnuts.

So, give us a call for booking, reasonable rate for a reasonably cosy and comfortable stay in Alor Star. Make this place your number one choice, and i am sure, well, I hope you will , want to come back for more, just like my marble cheese brownies, once bitten, you are forever smitten:-).


Zue's Oven


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