Sunday, December 4, 2011

burung2 yang marah....

my sketch of the "Angry birds", saw them on the Net. Once I agreed to her order, immediately I googled, i knoww that my kids had been playing this game in my iphone but I just couldn't be bothered. I am not so keen on the games, i only know how to play 'Tetris' and a bit of " Solitaire".

the eggs, the centre of attraction, the reason for the birds to be so angry because they were stolen by the green piggies. I googled in youtube, watched the games, the short stories just to find out what the fuss was all about, what is this "angry birds' all about. why are they so angry, wwwhat makes them so furious, so now I know..........

Five angry, fuming, birds, Batrisyia told me, each one of these birds has its own specialty and unique characters, the red one was the main character but it does not have any special ability, and ...... to be continued...haha..... i don't really know actually, have to do more homework on them.
Actually I am waiting for the catapult to dry properly, before I put all the angry birds on the cake, this is just a seneak preview, my friend will collect this cake tomorrow afternoon.

OUCH! dah lah kena lastik, nak ambik telur, jatuh terhempap pulak dengan bata bata ni.....

gotta go.....


  1. salam, bleh tak kalau sy nk tempah cupcakes angry birds?my nephew nk balik dlm 23/12, so ingt by 25/12?bleh bagitahu price?plz do reply d emel sy, thanks

  2. Hi Zue, how you doin'? Hey, I like these.....I only read about these 'angry birds' in blogs. Never heard about them here.
    Must be an Asian fad.
    Love your cake and the smooth green colour.

    How's your Beetle running? You have fun and keep well.
    Best regards,
    Oh ya, stay beautiful.

  3. Dear Zati, thanx for dropping by. i already sent you an e-mail, hope to hear from you.

  4. Hello Lee! Good to hear from you again. "Angry bird" is not a worldwide craze meh?The game is in the i-phone, I knew thru my kids but like I said, not my kind of thing.....:-)
    my kids and I were quite sad to part with this cake cos they are sooo has a story, i will load more photos in another entry.
    my Beetle? still up and running, been driving it this past few days cos my Merc is away for a week. Now, no more Alfa.....sob sob.......:-(
    hubby finally ( with heavy heart) decided to let go of our Alfa, but that old Volks will remain with us as long as it should be despite receiving several good offer for it.

    OK Lee, thanx again for dropping by, you keep warm okay and take care,