Thursday, December 1, 2011

lavender or purple

Akad nikah was scheduled to be held after Asar, and this red and white cake must reach Teluk Intan before that. Teluk intan as in Perak, it's 12 noon, we were still in alor Star, can we make it on time?

we left home after 1 pm, and stopped at the Gurun R & R for a quick lunch, and while having my rice with chicken DRUMSTICK curry , why do i stressed on drumstick, because each one of us took drumstick, be it curry, fried or masak kicap........;-) ) I kept on glancing at my watch, tick tock tick tock, the clock is ticking

according to our Garmin GPS, expected arrival is 4.36 pm, and if there's no hiccup, we should have ample time before the function started. we took the Bidor exit and made our way to
the Hilir Perak IPD, where the bride to be and her family would be waiting for my cake, to fill the only empty tray ( dulang) as a gift for the groom.

upon reaching the house, the bride's sister came to take the cake and put it on the 'dulang'. Phew! Alhamdulillah wwe made it on time.

this 'lavender' cake ( the top tier is vanila wwith blueberry filling )

and the bottom tier ( chocolate with ganache ) are for tomorrow's function, the kenduri which would be held at the hall, not very far from their house.

congratz kak Long and hubby, May Life always be gentle with both of you, not forgetting to the bride's father and mother, Abg Alwi and Kak Liza, tahniah sebab dah dapat menantu, tak lama lagi, jadi datuk dgn nenek....hehe... jangan mare.......

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  1. Akak, kek merah ni berapa harganya? Boleh email kan ke Terima kasih!