Sunday, June 5, 2011

there's still some kindness and sweetness in this cruel and mean world

Seriously, who would have thought that I would get my iphone back after leaving it on a bench in a shopping mall? The place filled with crowds, lots and lots of people, young and old, kind hearted people, and perhaps one or two, the opposite. I am not talking about cakes tonight and the iphone in this picture is real, in flesh and blood, err I mean, in its metal and leather casing. We went out in the hope of watching "Pirates of the Carribean" in theatres, but there was no show at night, and so we decided to do some groceries shopping instead. While my hubby and son whisked the trolley away and unload the goodies into the car, my daughter decided to buy some drinks from the kiosk and so I sat on the bench while waiting for her. Later, I was distracted by my son who was telling me about the swarm of insect circling around the light, and at the same time, my daughter came over, so, we straight away left the place. Inside the car, I quickly rummaged through my handbag to make sure that I have both my phones with me but something inside told me that I had left it on the bench. Hubby told me to call that phone and suddenly a female voice answered it,
"phone siapa ni ( whose phone is it ?) "
Oh my goodness me! I thought I would never see it again!

"It's mine! I must have left it on the bench. Where did you find it?"
"Somebody found it and surrendered it to the info counter."
"I 'll be there in less than five minutes" we made a U turn and headed back to the mall, me, almost running towards the info counter and asked them for the phone.
there it was, in her hands.
She told me that it was a girl, dressed in KF* uniform but not from the mall outlet, gave the phone to them, minutes after I left the building.

I thanked them profusely, words could not describe how grateful and how happy I was to be reunited with my iphone back. I didn't know how to thank them and 'the girl', anyway I just left them my card to give to the girl so that she could call me and I could thank her personally, if she by any chance is reading this entry, please come forward, I would certainly like to meet someone with such a noble heart., if not, I would have gotten into serious trouble with my other half, you see, it's a present from him and I do tend to 'lose' things every once in while, but this could be a very expensive experience but I was so glad that ' this kind hearted girl did a good deed, out of the pure and kindness in her bones. Her parents must have taught her well, and for that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.Wish her well and everything nice and wonderful in her life, only Allah can repay her kindess. I should try to be more careful in the future.

that was the incident in the evening, but this second picture was taken a couple of hours before we decided to go out for a movie. She came, to return her knife set which was used to cut her wedding 'rainbow cake', and she invited me to her wedding ceremony, to which i said, InsyaAllah, with Allah's willing, I would go but unfortunately I couldn't make it, for on that day, I had to finish off other cakes and it was a while too, waiting for my other customers to pick up their cakes and therefore I missed her big day.

She returned the knife set, plus this bag of goodies too, I was not expecting it but it was a very sweet and surprise gesture indeed. I could not attend her wedding and yet, she gave me the goodies, some momentoes or tokens of remembrance of her big day.The content of the goodies bag does not matter much, but it's the thought that counts., but anyway, they are sooo cute, I'll stick 'em on my fridge. thank you Yana and Selamat Pengantin Baru, selamat melayari bahtera bersama Nakhoda Syed Akhmar, ingat ya, dalam satu kapal, there is only one captain, insyaAllah the boat will not sink

The world is still full of beautiful and nice people and I am glad I know them and hopefully will get to know the 'other' one , whoever she is.


  1. Hello Zue, Holy Smoke! You got back that Iphone? Lucky you. That is one h/p people would love or dream of having, include me, if and when I decide to get one.
    Yes, there are good people around.
    And the girl who picked it up, gave it to the info counter her parents deserve some credit too.

    And it was really nice of the person to return your knife set too. And presenting you some goodies. In Chinese or Cantonese the word is 'yow sum', meaning, 'has a heart'.
    It shows that there are nice people around.....
    Just like you, *wink*.
    You keep well, Zue, and hang on to that Iphone, ha ha.

  2. lucky me indeed Lee! I thought that was the last I saw it, with all my cake photos inside, Batrisyia's Lili the cat, everything....but ,yes, even the girl at the counter said, this is not just a phone,it's an iphone. even my hubby said, no need to try and find it, surely, it would be gone by now, but as it not meant to be, someone else's , it came back to me. I would like to meet the girl who found it and thank her personally, I told my hubby, her parents must have thought her well,
    the knife set, actually it was on loan and was supposed to be returned but what surprised me was the goodies she gave us, not everyone did that, but since I was involved with her engagement cake before , and her mum's birthdays, two years in a row, her sister's wedding, felt like we have known each other for some time.
    It takes one to know one Lee, wink back at you:-)
    I would surely be more careful next time, you take care too Lee!

  3. Hi Zue, an Iphone is the BMW or Mercedes of h/phones, ha ha.
    Here most phones get returned to owners, but Iphones not many.
    But today you can get a tracking software incase lost or stolen can track it.

    Oh ya, you h/p story brought to mind about my friend's Iphone.
    If free drop by.
    Have fun, and don't lose that phone again. You might not be so lucky second time.

  4. hai again Lee! BMW is my dream car!, but only in my dream, am not driving one....yet, just the old Alfa Romeo and the old Volkswagon and the old Lexus! hah, all old ma.....hehe....
    must get that software cos I do intend to 'lose' it around the house too...if you know what I mean...sign of old age.....haha..
    will visit your pondok soon, am baking a carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes now,
    I will definitely hold on to that phone with my dear life,yup, might not be so lucky the second time round, then again, hopefully, there won't be a second time, my jantung rasa mau jatuh when I realised that the iphone wasn't with me that day, don't want to experience that again.

    you have a god day! night I mean, keep forgetting that....ciao!