Sunday, June 19, 2011

det Conan, or is it?

It's my daughter's birthday and this time she wanted Detective conan. The name was not alien o me this time, unlike 'Melody or Dorami previously. Why is that? Because my kids love to watch these series too!

50 chocolate cupcakes with ganache and detective Conan theme for Aisyah's 11 birthday, to share with her school friends.

Is it Detective Conan or s it Harry Potter? there's a slight resemblance there, must be the almost round glasses and the blue blazer

free hand drwaings of Detective Conan on fondant. I decided not to colur themm cos I find it rather 'raw' and original this way. Of course not my original design because I used my kids' comic book as referral, these books do come in handy some times

thank you Nani for your continuous support nd wihing Aisyah , happy 11th birthday, semoga menjadi anak yoang solehah.


  1. Hi Zue, I thought you da silap, about Conan the Barbarian, ha ha.
    Anyway, this Conan is cute, macham tu budak Harry the pot.
    Your cakes are always mata catching, very interesting cakes, ha ha.
    Have fun, Zue, make bank manager senyum greet you with teh tarek.

  2. Thank goodness it was not that Conan, yes it does look like Harry Potter, with the almost round glasses and blue jacket.I purposely did not colour those few drawings, kinda like to see them in black and white, furthermore this is a rsther short notive order
    thank you for the mata catching comment:-)
    it's always fun making these cakes and no lah Lee, bank manager tak sempat senyum cos I didn't get to see him, pergi bank not to deposit money but to pay off outstanding loans and credit cards, , but the sugar flour tawkey is smiling whenever see me going into his shop

    you keep on smiling and stay forever young, at heart, love having you around, take care

  3. Hi Zue, I just had dinner. It is 9.22 Tuesday petang. You are 9.22 Wed pagi. Exactly 12 hours behind your local time.
    Ya, I can imagine you buy lots of flour. You pakai corn flour? Or ubi kayu? Just guessing as I cannot cook, only pandai make magee mee, ha ha. Bila wife naik angin, ha ha.

    You are an artist too. Not easy draw that pic. Nanti I nak special birthday cake, ada SYT in ahemmm, bikini boleh ke? Rambut panjang....wait....or on second thoughts, in sarong berkemban. Yes, berkemban. Ha ha.
    Waaa, my friends sure very impress....
    You have a nice day. Have fun, jangan lupa tu chilli merah lipstick.

  4. it's almost 6 pm and 6 am over there! still under the duvet or up and about already Lee?
    no LEE, not corn flour, mostly self raising flour, rose flour, ok, let's leave the cooking to MRs Lee okay:-) and you, with your maggi mee, cepat dimasak sedap dimakan.hehe...
    whne is your bday? if you are back in Penang, perhaps your dreams can come true, with the long hairde sarung clad SYT, somewhere on a beach in the east coast, like old times ......your old times....:-)
    never leave home without the red lipstick yes......Rouge Dior...
    hav ea good morning to you and I am off into the kitchen for another batch of cupcakes and my youngest requested choclate mousse, off into the kitchen......

  5. Zue, selamat pagi....just to let you know I will be displaying your culinary skills in my new cherita in about half hour. You now 6.51am.
    Best regards. Lee.