Friday, June 3, 2011

taking a breather.....

gonna be another long night like last night, a two tier chocolate wedding cake, 200 pcs of door gift brownies, a chocolate Disney Princess birthday cake, a carrot walnut birthday cake, marble cheese brownies for kenduri makan2 and MCB for a neigbour's neighbour's engagement ceremony, waiting in line, this calls for a good time management and strategy......I wish..... there's no strtegy, no time management especially when one is already half awake and half asleep!,
ijust miss writing and that is why I am writing in between baking MCBs and grating carrots, strategy? none, goal? make sure the cakes are ready by the scheduled pick up time,by hook or by crook...., wouldn't want to disppoint my daughter's classmate's Mum, my good accountant friend, my sweet 'just out of confinement' customer, my first time customer and my neighbour, a Swiss couple, who made us miss the old times with their stories, of travelling, of food, and he, I mean,m they shared the same passion as my hubby, photography and cameras.

speaking of travelling,m we are not going anywhere this school holidays, as there are wedding bells everywhere, but i am thinking of taking a break for a couple of days, and I probably am thinking of not taking any orders from 1oth to 15th june, just want to re-charge my batteries, and to write up the modules for my coming classes since a few had been asking about classes, plus a new one, fondant figurines for cupcakes toppers.

the sweet smell of MCB is lingering in my kitchen, gotta start slicing those brownies for the door gift and to start mixing the butter and sugar for the chocolate cake

ciao for now!

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