Saturday, June 4, 2011

purple and white, part 1...

They came in March to book this date, the order was for 1000 door gift brownies, 50 sets for the groom's families and a two tiered chocolate wedding cum birthday cakes.


the theme is purple and white


everywhere and anywhere you turn, on my work station, on the kitchen counters, on the table in my wet kitchen, on the side tables, on the chairs, you will see brownies, and lots of brownies...29 brownies to be exact, were baked the night before with a little help from mama, she used to babysit my kids beforeThank you Mama, She's a great help, without it, I would still not be able to finish them on time.

I prepared the ribbons earlier, Batrisyia nd Tsara helped to glue the small white flowers on the purple ribbons and the purple flower on the white ribbons.

the brownies were then cut into small pieces and individually packed in this square casing, stapled, and ribboned, with a little help from all my kids and my friend Kak tuni. I am ever so grateful to them for helping out, I couldn't have done this on my own.

With them helping out with the 1000 dor gift brownies, I continued with the other order of 50 choclate cupcakes, 50 vanilla cupcakes, 50 blueberry cheesetarts and 50 fancy cookies to be placed in a four hole box , for the groom's families

tied with of course, the purple ribbon

the bride's sister, came to collect the brownies in the morning and the 50 packs later in the evening. Once all these were done, I started cracking on the next one, the two tiered wedding cake.Thank you wati, for trusting me with your sister's wedding cakes and brownies

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