Friday, June 3, 2011

one busy Friday, june 3rd

3rd of june 2011, 7 am, the pick up time, what time did I go to sleep? 3 am, but the thought that she came all the way from Penang, and would later go back there in time to start work and later bring these two oreo chocolate cheesecakes and blueberry cheesetarts for her family and nieces in Ipoh, makes the staying up worth while, and also the reason why I still took her order despite knowing that I have a huge order of 1000 door gift of 'purple and white 'brownies to prepare. thank you Kak Eda for your continuous support, hope that your family will enjoy the sweet and creamy treats from my little kitchen

" like the red ribbon and white cake, but please make mine in blue, like soft, baby blue colour, it's for my brother's kad nikah," she said, pick up time was 10 am., and as promised, she arrived on the dot, punctual.

'you make cookies too, right, and so please make another 'hantaran' set for me with the cookies". after quoting her the prices, the deal was sealed, I looked through my box collection and saw this box and straight away I thought that this would make a beautiful hantaran set, and it did, simple, yet sweet. thank you su. am looking forward to the 16th june project......tungguuu....

next pick up should be at 1 pm but she had to come in the evening, fine with me because I had them ready as per schedule. and I was not going anywhere that day, another blue and white set but for a different person, the lady is a friend of my customer and she is in Johor, but the recipient of this set is her friend who is getting married ( or rather already married ) on june 3rd , and the newly wed bride herself came to collect this with the 'inai' still fresh on her fingers, thank you Mimi and Selamat Pengantin Baru Nita and Epoi!

They came to book this date, june 3rd, in March, the order for 1000 door gifts, 50 VIP gifts and a two tier wedding cake, all should be done in purple and white, more of the photos in the cooming entries. thank you Wati and syu..

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