Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miss Whatever or ROXY

but my daughter said that this is WINX club......( but it came under ROXY when I googled). ...... whateveeeeer......:-)

newly discovered strawberry cupcake recipe and used it for this order

so sweet.....pink karer ( pink colour )

a request for one teddy to go with the vanila and strawberry cupcakes

free hand drawn 'ROXY' on a fondant,

When the lady mentioned that her niece likes 'Miss Whatever ' or ROXY, I went 'huh' ( silently in my head ) ...come again, Miss What? the same reaction, the same blank /blur face like when I first heard of Doremon's sister, Dorami, or Hello Kitty's friend, Melody or Phienas and Ferb.

She called the morning we were about to leave for our 'sort of 'planned but unscheduled trip to nowhere ( end up in East coast ). On the way, while driving ( hubby dearest did the driving) so Mummy dearest googled "Miss Whatever" using her iphone ( the lost and found iphone ) and didn't find much and left it at there for the time being. Mummy dearest had to concentrate on being the co driver since we were not sure of our destination until we reached Gurun that is.more on the trip in my other entry i suppose.

Her request was for two flavoured cupcakes, vanilla and strawberry flavoured cupcakes.

No problem with the vanilla, but not the strawberry one. I don't think I had made strawberry flavoured cake before, and once again, thanks to the current information technology and the 'GOOGLE' , you guessed it, I googled for the recipe on the net, after not finding any in my cook books ( not that I went through all of them). I found a few recipes and the first one that I clicked looked promising, the comments given were positive and the picture of the strawberry cupcake looked tempting and tantalising enough, and I had all the ingredients required, except for the main ingredient........strawberries.

Off I went to the nearest shop and hoping and praying that it had what I wanted. Went straight to the fruit /freezer section and thankfully, there they were, looking so red and so fresh and soooo expensive too! RM12 plus plus for a small box!Grabbed just a packet because I wouldn't be using many, grabbed a bottle of straberry jam too and also a bottle of strawberry flavoured essence

I am pleased with the taste, I didn't know that strawberry cake taste this good. Thank you to the person who shared this recipe on the net, for decoration, I just used the plain buttercream and colour it in pink and top the strawberry cupcakes with a small slice of strawberries on top, vanilla cupcakes with white buttercream and finally the drawing of ROXY ( which I found on the net) on the piece of white fondant scasttered with pink heart shpaed fondants.

thank you Kak siti, hope your niece, Farah will like this, and here's wishing Farah, Sweet 11th birthday.


  1. Hi Zue, I always admire your very creative imaginations at cake making.
    You not only good at baking, but an artist.
    Every cake a masterpiece! Too good to eat.
    I'm sure your customers thrilled bila open the package see your creations.
    Zue, you are good! Outstanding!

  2. hai Lee1 auw, you are too much Lee, but I like it....keep it coming...hehe....:-) smiling from ear to ear receiving such warm comment.
    hopefully my 11 year old customer would feel the same way you do, cos she had not seen them when they were delivered to the house.It's from her aunty who would be driving these cupcakes to Penang for the celebration.
    once again, Lee, thank you, merci beaucoup!