Tuesday, June 21, 2011

from carrot to chocolate and orange, o cheese and vanilla

two in one wish, a birthday wish and a Happy Fathers Day wish, carrot walnut cupckes, thank you Nik, to bring back to her father in Kelantan

Her name is Suriani, change the "S" to "Z", it becomes my name, her daughter's name is "Sarah", replace the "S" with "Ts" it becomes my daughter's name, Tsara', what a coincidence. This is her cake for her Sarah,, sharing a corner of her chocolate layered with orange cake with her aunt, Mak Su,

people call me 'Zue' and they call her Yani, thank you Yani, for making me part of your daughter's 'pink' day. By the way, sedap bihun soup yang Yani buat tu, pity I had to leave early, I would have loved to have a second or maybe third helping! hank you for the invite, Batrisyia really enjoyed herself playing with he birthday girl though this was only their second encounter, the first time they met was when Yani came to place the order. Kids, they are so pure and so naive, only good and innocent things are in their mind, that's why they can be connected easily

and this 'Prudential' Happy Fathers Day blueberry cheesetart ( the very first time my BCT had edible image on them.....hehe......) was a surprise for hubby who is so into red and white, even their kitchen cabinet and area has the same colour

red and black hantaran cupcakes. thank you cikgu Lina, who ordered this on behalf of her customer.thank you for trusting me.

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