Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Red Velvet is Back!

'persembahan' for Raja Perempuan Muda Perlis, a set of Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting.

tried this again, after a request from a friend. i know and I have heard that Red Velvet or RV is on top of the list for cake choice for some people and I was not really sure what the fuss was all about , until I tasted it myself. not that I had not tasted it before, i did, but not really sitting down and savouring it but this time, i did. That was after receiving a very promising comment from my friend, in her words,



yes, sedaaap.....

that's her finished RV cup, she tasted it while waiting for me to wrap up a few for her was the first time for her, and she was giving the set for someone special. She was asking for black forest cupcakes but since I had never tried that before and so I suggested this RV instead and I am so glad that she approves of it.

that's mine, emptied within minutes, and that eight RV was for Farah who asked me to call her whenI made the RV. thank you Farah


  1. salam akak!! hope ure doing good. i am backkk! im in malaysia now, and i got sooo tempted with the red velvet cause i've been reading bout it for quite sometime and never taste it befre. im soo looking frward to try some and i'll let u know when i want it k?? :) pluss3, i heard bout pavvlova too, haiss smua bnda pun feel like eating nowww! hahaha im craving for good cakes and come godek2 your blog!haha take care!

  2. Salam min! Welcome back, it's good to be back, kan? Cuti berarpa lama min? Boleh je kalau nak order apa apa, jangan mintak macaroon ya, belum cuba lagi......before min tanya baik kak zue bagi tau dulu:-)
    Ok min, layan dulu, godek2' pastu pilih mana yang berkenan, hope you will a fun holiday before pi sambung balik and do some serios studying in your second year

  3. haha yeahh, feels good to be at home where u can eat almost evrything! ahaha will be spending 3 months at home! sempatla raya sbulan! hehehe oh yeah! heard bour macaroon too, tp d uk pun x sempat2 nk merasa.hehe its okay, macaroon boleh hold, i am just missing cakes!pudding, etc2.hehe i'll godek2 ur blog, then wait till all my 4 gudfrens balik msia, and we shall enjoy ur scrumptious cakes together! :) plus, congratz on your third year in baking! :)

  4. I remembered my summer hols, almost every year balik malaysia, sebab tu tak sempat tour Europe, if you have the time, kumpul duit and pergi jalan2 ke Europe while you are there, I really miss my schooldays/uni days, no worry in the world, just worry about passing the exam. It's good that your 4 other BFF are coming home too!and your can enjoy my 'scrumptious' cakes together gether! and thank you dear Min for the wish.

  5. hahah i dont want to come back actually this year, bought the tcket last minute sgt2 sbb my mum said, balikla rayee..haha so, i came back jgak lastly. but told my mum i dont want to come back nextyear, wanna go for europe tiur.insyaallah..went to italy dring easter and i've already strted planning for my winter vacation. heading tu spain i guess.haha really wanna cover as many country as i can, sbb time seems to fly so fast!hehe 2 of my gudfren are already here, waiting for another two, by mid july evryone will be here already i think! see you soon akak! :)

  6. Just like min, actually tak plan nak balik first year sbb baru pergi kan, tau tau abg nak kahwin, so kena balik, second year memang plan nak balik, third year tak tapi ada saja alasan, so memang kena balik, end up, balik every year, tapi sempat jalan jalan a few places in italy, like venice, florence, pisa, vicenza, brilliant, beautiful country, tapi frust belum sampai Paris.
    It's good tto have bff like your friends tu kan, jumpa all five nanti sure havoc!. Ok, hope to see you soon too dear