Thursday, March 10, 2011

walnuts everywhere.....

blueberry cheesetarts .... thank you Sakinah, her first time ordering this after having a taste of this BCT from her friend, and like they said, "Love at first bite", she immediately called me up to order some for her, and when she came to collect it, she made another order for the following week.
brownies in gift boxes ....thank you Kak Akmar, hese brownies are for her son, whom she will be visiting in Sabah and family too, whom she will meet before leaving for Sabah

brownies with walnut, dusted with icing sugar

chocolate chip cookies, ....thank you Nik , who likes to give good things to her friends, well, the saying, " Good things come in small package" , and this scrumptious chocolate chip cookies do come in small conainers and decorated simply with ribbons is just suitable as gifts.Errr...can I be your friend Nik...hehe....

chocolate chip cookies with walnut in jars , a doting mum's order for her son, who louuuurve these cookies so much, just like my son, who kept asking if there's any extra if he saw me baking them in my kitchen.

banana walnut cake with cream cheese frosting ...thank you Wati, whose son is in the same class as Batrisyia, not just classmate, but 'row'mate, sitting next to her in the class,

blueberry cheesetarts .....also suitable as gifts.

It's been a wonderful cheesy, bluberry, chocolatey, walnuty, bananaey week for me. I had such fun and great joy making them, but it gives me greater joy knowing that someone out there, in Gunung Keriang is enjoying and indulging herself in my BCT while writing her first novel, or someone in Suasana Permai is enjoying the brownies and cookies over a cup of coffee for late supper and bringing some for her son, or another someone in Suasana Permai enjoying herself the pleasure of giving the crunchy chocolate chip cookies to her friends, or someone's son in Taman Golf, is helping himself to my walnuty and chocolate chippy cookies in front of the telly, or someone is enjoying the banana walnut cake with the cream cheese frosting with her husband and kids and TokNgah.
No matter where or who they are , it gives me such pleasure knowing that they are enjoying themselves with goodies that came out from my little oven in my little kitchen. thank you.

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