Sunday, March 6, 2011


l'd like to order a cake for my friend. S3he likes 'Stitch', the voice was saying on the phone.

Stitch? I asked him

"binatang yang warna biru, yang jahat tu"

blur................. I still didn't comprehend what he was saying.

And I'd like another cake too for a brother, this coming Friday" and the call was made on Wednesday.

Why don't you come over to discuss further because I was not sure what the blue animal was. He came , yes, but the following day, Thursday evening and the birthday celebration was for tomorrow, Friday night.Then only I knew what he meant, Stitch, as in Lilo and Stitch. He would understand if I could not make it because it was very last minute and I also had another birhday cake due for tomorrow.

However, after having finished decorating the other order and it would be hours before the scheduled pick up time, I thot I'd give 'Stitch' a try. I had never made Stitch before, yup as usual, there is always a first time for everything.After having done the head, my son came down and he said, "Ma buat Stitch ke?"( a big smile and a loud "yes!!!!" from me )

next came my eldest daughter and so I asked her,

"What do you think I am making"

" Mama buat Stitch ke?" ( another big smile and a big " yessssa!!!" )

two out of two is good enough for me. Batrisyia was with me all along and so I don't need to ask her. she knew I was trying to make Stitch.

"Happy birthday" in Chinese

this means "brother" .

I know a word or two in Mandarin, like

wo puk ce tau= I don't know

wo puk mengpai = i don't understand

wo ai ni , i think many people know this one

ni hau ma? how are you

hau= fine

hen hau = very good(fine)

a grinning Stitch minus the teeth.....:-)
ni hau ma Stitch?
hen hau!


since Lilo and Stitch live near the beach so I thot I'd make an 'ocean' sort of theme. Chong left the deco to me, all he wanted was a key shaped cake with number 21 on it.That number 21 is very important. yup, key and 21 can only mean " freedom", once you reach the age of 21, it means you have obtained the key to your freedom ( so to speak , but not necessarily )

white pearl of the ocean

the key shaped cake with number 21.I had a '21' key shaped pendant before. My elder sister started wearing it and she wore it for two years cos it's only two years gap between us but I got to wear the 21 key pendant for eight years! because there's an eight year gap between my younger sister and I . Unfortunately for her, she only got to keep it for one year because my other younger sister came one year later after her. I don't know where the '21' key pendant is now, probably still with my youngest sister.

Chong came to collect his cake together with "Brother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY cupcakes just before the celebration and i was so glad that I made that Stitch despite the last minute situation. He was very happy for he knew that his 'Joyce' loved Stitch very much

This cupcakes were for his "brother", and they were going to have a double birthday celebration. What better ways to celebrate a happy moment with the people dearest and closest to you

and Happy Sweet 21 Birthday Joyce. a very thoughtful and sweet friend you have here Joyce who ordered this Stitch birthday cake for you.Thank you Chong for allowing me to create this cake for your Joyce.


  1. Hi Zue, you are just one fantastic lady! And an artist, engineer, designer, with your creative talents.
    If I get married again will ask you for a special design cake....
    Nanti I fikir dulu.
    No, not about the cake....which woman.
    Ha ha ha.
    Have fun and I too now know siapa 'Stitch'. But never heard or seen before.
    By the way, who is Stitch?

  2. Hello Lee! I am on Cloud 9! with all these compliments, itu Mrs Lee how? I am sure many women out there will line up to fill up the form, but I know that heart of yours is only set for one lady.
    if you google "Lilo and Stitch, you'll know who it is. this creature was way after our childhood time, i think it surfaced in the 90s if not after the millenium. My time, there were only Bugs bunny and the gang, Roadrunner, WoodyWood Pecker and the Electric Company!
    have a nice Friday Lee!Thanx for dropping by