Monday, March 14, 2011

L.O.V.E. red and white teddies

spells cinta,

in whatever language it is said, it means only one thing, that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him ( once he proposed and she said 'yes' ), because she loves him or him/her. sometimes it could mean other things too, but i am not going to dwell on that on this beautiful Monday evening, with the aroma of the chocolate chip cookies lingering in the air, and had just awakened my nephew from his sleep because of the aroma. He woke up saying,
"hmm sedapnya bau ni"
......and followed his nose to my kitchen.....:-)

For Jessy, this is her way of expressing her love for her future life partner, her other half, her soulmate, or whatever name we would like to call it, but officially it is called her husband, by making these cute red and white teddies each holding an alphabet conveying the message to him, and this morning too, i woke up to a beautiful sms from her saying,

"The cakes were awesome and mouth watering zue. i have no doubt in ur work.Thank u so much, Jessy"

if those cupcakes were awesome to her , then these simple words were awesome to me, they just brighten up my morning and we went off for 'nasi gulai ikan termenung' breakfast with a big smile on my face and in my heart.:-)

A pair of the knife set for her cake cutting, soft pink she said, and I just added bits of pearls on each handle, just made it simply divine and gorgeous

a few pieces of chocolate cupcakes with buttercream and royal icing flowers for makan2'

and carrot walnut with cream cheeese frosting with red royal icing flowers

thank you Jessy, and wishing you and hubby, all the happiness in the world and am glad to be part of it

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