Saturday, March 19, 2011

cuti cuti Penang

Sukanyer dia , with all those tinkerbell and friends and other Disney characters

browsing through old books at the Chowrasta Bazaar
A must place /shop to go when you are in Penang, not just to stop but to buy and bring back home these jeruks, the best thing is you get to taste all that were on display
, my fav is jeruk kelubi and jeruk buah salak...yum.... next stop is the gurney Plaza at Gurney Drive, another must go place for us if we go to Penang.Introducing your new Cliniq*e promoter:-) er promoters.....
kids and water are inseparable...... indoor
or outdoor

eh...ada anak turtle di Penang? ingat ada di Dungung 'Ganu kite je...
mak penyu....

Day 3: Queensbay Mall, our final stop , but wait till we get to the mainland, a few more stops before we headed home
"mama, sama macam beg kakak"
Curious Case of Adam and Batrisyia ( not curious Case of Benjamin Button )
crossing the Penang Bridge, heading towards Domino Pizza! another must stop since we don't have this in alor Staq....

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