Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank you...

Thank you

blueberry cheesetarts in mini baskets

banana walnuts with cream cheese topping in a floral patterend box

fancy cookies, had seen a few design of similar pattern but the most intriguing was done by Fiza of Chiquecakes. Hers were extremely gorgeous and fine!

What's inside the basket,goodies from zue's Oven

A "thank You" gesture from a friend to another

thank you Mrs Sarab, hope your lovely friend will enjoy the goodies, and for you, enjoy yourself in the land of beautiful beaches and sceneries


  1. Hello Zue, I sure love your creations and displays, very classy and elegant.
    It's not only what is inside that counts, but the wrapping too.....
    And you are very good and creative.
    Have fun, Zue...keep well. Lee.

  2. Dear Lee,
    'classy and elegant' for a classy and elegant lady, by another classy and elegant lady.....:-)

    thank you Lee for the sweet words, I am trying to keep well after my incident with my Beetle honk just now,
    you take care Lee!.

  3. I love the basket too Zue. Mesti best dpt hadiah mcm tu!


  4. Thank you Wiz, i do hope the recipeint feel the same way. agak2 bila I nak dapat basket macam ni.....hmmmmm.....:-)