Saturday, March 12, 2011

Read your labels, please.....

blueberry cheesecake- thank you Kak Tengku

blueberry cheesetarts- Thank you Ana..............
sedap sangat!
I don't know how many blueberry cheesetarts I have made since I started doing this and I have no problem with the dough until a few days ago. the recipe wasn't exactly at the back of my head because I still had to refer to recipe every time I am making them and that day was no exception.
the butter weighed, and into the mixer it went, followed by the flour, the egg, and the rest of the ingredient and every time I did that I got the perfect dough.......every time. However, on that day, I was baffled when my dough just wouldn't harden. it's very rainy, very slippery and very sticky.... $?7%$#(*^? ........ hello! what's going on here?
Is the egg too big? cos I was using the one size bigger egg than usual,
could that be the reason??
or perhaps, I left the butter at room temperature and it had gone soft a little bit?
What? What was the problem?
One mixture......gone! I could not use it because it did not turn into the dough that I wanted, i couldn't make the tart shell with it!
took another half block of butter from the fridge and this time I made sure that it came straight from the fridge and not left at room temperature.
weighed the flour again, the icing sugar ,again and turn the mixer on and I got the same result! the same disappointing result! still no dough for my blueberry cheese tarts' shells!

OMG! Not again! I modified a little, decided to add a little more flour into the mixture , about almost a cup more ( I wonder if it would still taste the same ) and yet I still could not get 'the' dough.

Twice! but I could not give up cos my customer was coming over in the evening for the BCT . I repeated the process, took half a block of butter from the fridge and started measuring all the other ingredients , just when I was about to take the flour, I noticed something else, there were two packets of flour , one with 'rose flour' written on the label and the other 'sponge mix flour'. and it hit me! I had been using the sponge mix flour and no wonder Stevie Wonder that I could not get the right dough! Silly me! that should teach me a lesson to read the labels every time
and true enough I got my beautiful dough with the third mix.Phew!
so, the moral of the story is.......Read your labels !!!!

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