Friday, September 24, 2010

UPSR is gone, PMR is lurking round the corner....

UPSR candidates can breathe sighs of relief for it is over, the exam may be, but not the result, for those who have made the preparations should not be worried but for those who didn't , try not to worry too much, should you not score well in this exam, it wouldn't be the end of the world for you, for it is not going to determine or dictate your future, for maybe some of you are late bloomers where you will excel later in life. This topic is too deep for my easy Saturday morning thought, I'd better stick to something easier and simpler
just sent my youngest daughter to her school where her teacher will take her and her few friends for a colouring competition today. Do well dear , but most importantly, have fun. This daughter of mine is still a long way to go to UPSR, six years to be exact for she is still in her pre-school now. Who knows, by 2016, there'll be no more UPSR and would be replaced with something else instead.

continued from where I left off the other day, where I got distracted by an interesting movie on Astro channel. I took my Peperiksaan Penilaian Darjah Lima when I was in Standard five. It was rare for a school to produce many 5As students( unlike today ) and my school was no exception, being an out of town school, not so 'kampung' but not so 'bandar' either.from what I recall, if you make more than three mistakes for a subject, there goes your chance for an 'A'. that was how tough and strict it was.Those who get 5'A's were really the 'creme d la creme' I would think ( and I am one of them.:-) ....not being boastful just proud of my little achievement then,:-) )In that year, I was the only one who manage to get 5As from my school. My friends were good then, even if they didn't get 5As and they were offered to go to good boarding schools too, MRSM, SDAR, SMS despite getting 4As and 3As. Nowadays, even with 5As result would not guarantee a place in boarding schools! and because of my 5As, I didn't get to be with my friends for I was selected to go to another boarding school, far far away from them and my family, to the furthest South of Peninsula Malaysia , to Johor Bharu, Larkin road, now Jalan Tun Razak. There, I met many other 5As students from all over Malaysia. Most of them from JB, Seremban ( many from from KGV) and yes , there are a few from Kelate too but from other schools in Kelantan,schools which produce more than one 5As students, schools from KB (Sek Zainab )and Machang ( Sek Hamzah).

I remember that I didn't go to any extra tuitions or any private tuition then, why would we? everything was taught at school, the teachers taught us with dedication and full of commitment, putting everything else aside , only to ensure that their students would do well in the exam. My English teacher, Ms Teo Chu Kann, was really inspirational, my Maths ( Ilmu Hisab )teacher, Cikgu Hamidah was very strict but very good, and unfortunately I can't recall the other three subjects and the teachers ( from what I heard on the radio the other day, Halim Othman was saying that the other three subjects were Bahasa Malaysia, Ilmu Alam ( now Geography),was there Ilmu Sains? or Tawarikh( Sejarah)?
Seriously and sadly , I can't remember. Has my age fails me, is it the sign? the sign of aging:-)

The clock is ticking alright, and we should always look to the future but once in a while, it's good to go back to our past, to remember the good times. As we took our exam in Standard Five, by the time we are in our Standard Six, we knew where we would be going to further our studies later in life., we went our ways, our separate ways after Standard Six, and i do wish that one day we can all meet again, at our old school for a reunion.Every time I went back to my hometown and passed by my old school ( it has new blocks now) in Pulai Chondong, it gave nostalgic feeling, for that is where I grew up for twelve years, twelve happy, sad, memorable , beautiful years.

Now that UPSR is over, the next exam which is waiting just round the corner is PMR, and my eldest daughter is one of the is now my turn to have the exam fever .Let's all pray and hope for the best for our children in everything that they do.Have a good weekend!


  1. Hello Zue, how you doin'? Have you seen the movie, 'The King and I'? Ha ha. Looks like your da
    Senang datang.....Lee.

  2. Hello Lee!doing great! you mean, "The King and you"? hehe......yup, wah, you so tall..., kalau hero love story selalunya tall, dark and hansome, but you, tall...yes,but you fail the 'dark' part, another hehe......