Thursday, September 23, 2010

three cakes for three darhlings

Umairah , Syamimi and Azmina
19th sept 2004

19th sept 2000

19th sept 2005

all three girls share the same birthdate, cool....not just the same month but the same date too.
my kids share the same expected due date, 19th January but none of them are born on that date, my eldest, 24th january, my youngest, 21st january and my son lagi awal, 29th december!

The girls' mum left everything to me......up to me how to deco the cakes.....
no theme, as long as cantik and cute and suitable for girls, most importantly, must be deliyummilcious.
her verdict via sms:
"kek sedap & semua suka.TQ"
nothing pleases me more. thank you Cikgu Shamiha for trusting me with your three princesses' birthday cakes. hope they had a wonderful time.

1 comment:

  1. kak zue, comel semua!!!! tapi the toppers tu kalau u kecikkan saiz idung tu, make it rounder lagi comel kot..... i thot they were piggies. sori sangat2!!!

    (my 2sen)