Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pinnk and white deco brownies for her first grandchild

300 slices of brownies with walnut for kenduri akikah ( slightly inferior quality photos , taken with the digital camera instead of my usual Canon EOS , or perhaps it was I who wasn't sure how to use that camera:-) )
she wanted to surprise her daughter ( for her first grandchild's akikah ) by ordering cupcakes and at the same time, her daughter also ordered cupcakes to surprise her mother. Sweet ain't it. Both mother and daughter sharing the same thought. She's a nice lady, very sweet,( a smile never left her face whenever we are talking ), soft and down to earth despite the title ( Datin ) she's holding, insisted that I just address her minus the title.

fortunately she found out before it was too late, if not there'd be 600 cupcakes instead of 300. so she changed it to brownies instead but to still stick to the white and pink deco.She had oredered pink cookies and mostly everything would be in pink, her grandchild being a girl, Damia Sofea, a very sweet and beautiful name which suits the little girl whom I saw and met during the kenduri.Sedap lauk kenduri tu, I have always enjoyed makan kenduri sebab lauk mesti dan selalunya sedap.

Thank you Kak Nor. Salam aidil Fitri.

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