Thursday, September 23, 2010

simple, sweet and beautiful

I first knew her when she ordered mothers' day chocolate cake to be delivered to her mum in Alor Star. 'Knew' via phone, later, through her interesting blog and through her profile I discovered that we have a lot in common, same age, same taste in singer, Bryan Adam, enjoys reading too and we spoke, we got along fine, perhaps it was the age factor.
After more than a year and occasional exchanges of smses, a few cake orders, well, one actually, not many because she's in KL but she did order oreo chocolate cheesecake for their family gathering in Bukit Merah a couple of months back and the latest she ordered marble cheese brownies for Aidil fitri where I finally got to meet this lady in person.she is as nice in person as she is in her blog and on the phone.She has a special request

for me to bake her daughter Hanna , her 13th birthday cake to celebrate with the family in Alor Star before leaving back to KL on the fifth day of raya.I wasn't sure if I could do it or not because I myself would be going back to my hometown for raya but as fate has written that I would be back by the third raya so I was able to make it for her. She chose vanila cake with blueberries filling sandwiched in between

she may be 13, but , no Hannah Montana and no teddies or girly girly stuff either, and I do hope that this cake was what she wanted, simple, sweet and beautiful., not too childish but not too matured either.
the verdict from her mum via sms:
"cantik n sedap sngt. Semua suka! Hanna upload pix @ fb dia. Mmg lawa kek tu. Tq zue!"
tiada kata secantik bahasa dan tiada bahasa seindah kata-kata ini.........
they sound like music to my ear.
Thank you Ja for trusting me with your daughter's birthday cake and Happy 13th birthday Hanna.

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