Wednesday, September 22, 2010

main pondok-pondok

haaaa......Batrisyia dengan Adam duk wat apa tu? Whatchadoing?
oooooo...... main pondok2 ek?
A modern version of main pondok2 I guess, playing with miniature house with its furnitures, miniature figurines, etc...unlike my time, here we go again........flashback to the seventies.....
picture this:
a girl with two pony tails or sometimes one ponytail dressed in ( i can't recall what I wore then!) but selipar tu rasanya selipar jepun ( no Crocs or Clark masa tu , for me lah )
a boy, one year younger but much taller than me ( I guess everybody is much taller than me! )
in a small place called Pulai Chondong, entah kat belakang rumah siapa, we set up kerusi ala2 pelamin gitu and there we were, bersanding together! with a few more friends of course, not just berdua, no no no....
kelakarnya........what's become of him, I wonder dah berapa orang anak dia, my abah called him, ( my so-called groom) , my neighbour's son, Pak Muda cos he's the youngest among his siblings, always a sweet and polite boy

choc cake with simple deco for my hubbby's nephew to bring back to KL

and some cookies too.

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