Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A sad, sad day......

All that was left of Willie, are these photos and the memories. it was a sad day for us, Sept 13th 2010, fourth day of Eidul fitri, Willie left us rather unexpectedly. It was an accident, nobody was prepared for what was about to happen for it happened so quickly. He will be missed by all of us....deeply, especially by my son who was greatly affected by his sudden loss. He left us so soon, he's only been with us over a year. He came ( we brought him back ) to us a baby, barely three months old, he's so manja, so cute, so adorable , so loving,
may you rest in peace, as peaceful as you were in these photos.

no more willie snuggling behind our backs
or Willie, sniffing our hands,

you brought us close together

no more silly williie, no more willy wonka.......

just memories,
sweet and beautiful memories of you.....

We love you Willie.....so long.......


  1. Hi Zue, regret to read of Willie gone. What happened? Got catnapped? Ot just MIA? Maybe he'll return if just fooling around outside chasing female cats?

    I can feel your loss, especially he so beautiful, like snow.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Dear Lee,
    sorry for the long silence, not able to visit friends , far and near. before raya, busy with cookies and hampers, went back to Kota Bharu for raya and now back home, after one day, Willie is gone.Willie? none of the above, got run by our Alfa, hubby dearest was driving , was really an unexpected and very quick, just split second, we heard him squeled ( he was under the car ), the next thing we knew, he was motionless, eyes staring ahead but there was no blood so so we didn't know where he was hit . Not knowing what to do, we drove frantically in another car, trying to find a vet which we knew none would be opened for it was already 5 pm and it was still raya holiday, but just to comfort our son who's crying uncontrollably for he is so close to Willie.We brought Willie back, could still feel his warm body and us refused to admit that he was gone despite sseing blood coming out of his nose and mouth. I carried him from the car and put him on a chair, covered him with a blanket and went inside to do my Maghrib prayer. The next thing I knew, hubby had buried him next door.
    He was just adorable, he was just a baby when hubby bought him from the pet shop. yesterday, I saw a glimpse of a white something (looked like a cat )moving in my kitchen and in the evening hubby told me of the same thing and at the exact spot! Is Willie back? hmmmm.....spooky.....
    Thanx for dropping by Lee, appreciate your concern and your thought.will try to visit you soon, by the way, thanx for including my sambal ikan bilis in your previous entry and those cake entries.....yummy, just hadn't had the time to leave my marks yet...
    you have a beautiful day ahead or night..:-)
    me, might go visiting some friends today, it is still raya!