Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ramblings on one Friday morning

whoa! hello and welcome back everyone, who has been visiting my 'kitchen'. where have I been? it's been close to one month since I last updated my blog. I came across terms like" dah bersawwang" blog whenever a blogger had left it too long and should i say the same about my blog? just figure of speech i suppose.

so many reasons , so many excuses, internet slow, internet dowwn, yeah yeah, blame it on the IT.PMR is over, raya Haji just over, been baking, been decorating, been going to KL for a class in figurine, that was fun, been to a Srikandi dinner and gathering, been staying the night an old schoolfriend's house for a couple of days and enjoying her beautiful home and hospitality, been lying low or trying to because of my arm, yes, come to think of it, that was the reason why i had been away from writing. I hurt my hand/arm and it is still hurting and it made doing things less fun anymore because it was quite painful. I can type on the keyboard alright but when it comes to heavy work, it hurts.but life goes to send to school, laundry to do, house to look after, meals to prepare, cakes and cookies and brownies to make and decorate...

I am rambling, aren't I? It's just that i have missed wwriting so much, felt good to let go of the wwords and alphabets that's been jumbling in my head, so much thought, so much , so gives me a headache! I am experiencing one right now, it's throbbing and just made me want to lie down , wishful thinking, with all the things to do, you gotta be kidding me!

As I'm writing this, the rainbow cake with soft colourful pastel colour deco is on its way to KL via the express bus, hopefully it will reach its destination safely, with the Teddy, mini cake and mini gift sitting on top of the fondant covered rainbow cake , and reached its owner in good condition and will make someone with names starting with I and N very happy.

ok, that rather "short notice" order is out of the way and I should be on my way to my kitchen as we speak to get the three tiered marble cheese brownies started. yup, you heard that right! marble cheese brownies on tiers, not just one but three.

I have 1001 things to do, it's going almost haywire up there, thinking and organising and reorganising on what to do first, and I decided that what i wanted to do first is updating my blog! only this time, this entry will be photoless for I have trouble with my other laptop. Worry not, those photos will be loaded as soon as i have cleared all the outstanding things unticked in my "To do "list.

feel like making bihun goreng this morning, so i am going dowen to my kitchen and will get started on the 1001 things to do, hopefully, at elast a few will get doen today, insyaAllah.

just want to thank everyone, you know wwho you are, for the endless and continuous support, and wishing everyone a happy Friday and hope the sun will shine on you today!smile!

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