Monday, November 21, 2011

Rainbow cake driven to KL

An e-mail from unfamiliar address but familiar questions, "do i make this cake?" , "Do i make deliveries?," yes and yes. This is the beauty of doing this, i get to meet people, new people ( well, sometimes i don't even meet them in person, only in cyber space and they get to taste my cakes and sometimes they don't , because sometimes they are ordering these cakes not for themselves but for their loved ones, the special people in their lives or perhaps the intended special person, and I am glad that i am the one to connect these people.

He is in KL and wanted me to deliver this rainbow cake to KL too and could I do it? Of course I did and still do, I find the means, to try to fulfil other people's dreams and wishes and i too get connected with special people who make it possible for me to do this

there's a small cake inside the miniature cake which I had forgotten the flavour and also another cake inside the small gift box, which i had also forgotten its flavour:-)the teddy? no, ther's no cake inside teddy.......

can't resist one last time to snap a picture of this cake before I close the box:-(

boxed and ribboned before placing it in another modified box ( i couldn't find the right size box to fit the cake box , lined the box with a thin layer of paper first

sealed it and made a window on top of the box so that the person carrying this box will know that there's a special and fragile package inside, to be handled with the greatest care

and they had done a good job of it when I found out from Ikram that he received this cake in good condition.Teddy, thre mini cake and the gift box , with the rainbow cake arrived safely to its destination .

Thank you Ikram for trusting me with this cake to give to a special friend of yours, the pleasure of making this cake is all mine....thank you.


  1. Salam perkenalan,

    Zue, I'm just wondering. My sister asked me to bake a cake for her but she's in Temerloh and I'm in Kluang. I saw that you posted a cake all the way from Kedah. Is it safe for the cake? What courier service did you use? Thanks.

  2. Salam sue, sori for the late reply and salam perkenalan kembali. My cake travelled by bus, nak kena berbaik2 dgn bus driver lah...hehe.....just like what my father did, kirimkan a box of durian all the way from Kelantan for me in Kedah. sorry can't be of much help here. thanx for dropping by, will visit you soon insyaAllah.