Sunday, November 20, 2011

gambar2 dulu....

will load some more photos later, layan dulu yang ni, story mory nanti dulu.......

red velvet as hantaran for engagement, thank you Shawwal and Farahplus this

chocolate moist cake 6 inches in layers of ganache and strawberry filling, covered with lilac buttercreamand just simple border deco for she wanted to put fresh flowers on top later

red velvet with cream cheese frosting individually packed , thank you farah and this MCB ( with one MAG- photo not included) is for Kak Tengku, thank you.

MAG- macaroni au gratin and lasagna, the former for Ita, thank you dear and
lasagna, she requested chicken lasagna, thank you Athira

oreo chocolate cheesecake, thank you Yong

ayam masak portugis, our lunch, it's been a while since I cooked this....yummmm.....

bluberry cheesetarts and brownies-for her realtives from Trengganu, thank you dear

MCB- marble cheese brownnies- three tiered,
my first three tiered MCB, thank you Pn Zarina, my neighbour

rainboww cake inside, rode on a bus to Pudu Central, thank you Ikram

carrot walnut- hantaran, blue and grey theme, thank you Za

red velvet wwith 'grass', she's so into grass, not her first request and it definitely isn't her last.....memang suka rumput betul this lady.......thank you Za

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