Saturday, November 19, 2011

Assorted cupcakes for raya

8 + 2 boxes of cupcakes which Farah requested. 8 boxes of assorted cupcakes,four vanila, four carrot walnut, 4 chocolate and four red velvet cupcakes in each box, and 2 boxes of all vanila cupcakes. thank you Farah for your continuoius support.

8 + 2 just like my family, there's eight of us and I always relate it to one TV programme called "Eight is Enough"

chocolate cupcakes with ganache, sprinkled wwith choc rice and dwi choc chip, carrot walnut with cream cheese topping, vanila magnolia with buttercream and red velvet with cream cheese.

blueberry cheesetarts which my daughter brought to school for their DeepaRaya celebration on 2nd Nov, just a couple of days before Raya Korban

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