Monday, November 14, 2011

this time, it's Aisyah and abah's turn!

Since the elder sister's cake was pink, so she decided that the younger sister's cake should be yellow, so yellow it is. At first, she just wanted chocolate cake since it was going to be just a small celebration , but it turned out that more family members would be joining and therefore she decided to order another cake and chose the same flavour as the one she ordered for the elder daughter earlier, ie orange cake and so I layered the orange cake on top of the chocolate cake and hence making it taller than usual.

she wanted ribbons and balloons, lots and lots of balloons, i used edible and non edible balloons....

in between the order, MCB and LB ( luxury brownies ) for En. Fauzi, thank you

blue teddy represented "abah" and yellow, for Aisyah, there's a piece of chocolate inside the small cake inside the gift box for Aisyah. Thank you Yani for again trusting me with this cake for that special moment for the special people in your life

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