Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunkjunkwan Scandal and more

it got me hooked after watching it the first time, not even the first episode but 4th, somehow, one particular charwcter in that drama caught my eye, but with many more interesting characters with beautiful setting and well written script, it caught me, just like Winter Sonata did many many years back
this photo is just a teaser, plenty more where that came from, almost a year's collection of cake photos to be updated, will try to update in the coming weeks, hopefully, but in the mean time, anyone who is interested to get the latest photos or infos on my baking , feel free to visit my facebook at Zuriani Ab. Kadir

I am off to deliver, a cake, or rather, cakes and cupcakes, will update more, just so that you know, for those who are wondering, yes, I am still baking, still doing the things I love doing, only time does not permit me to have the pleasure of sitting down infront of my laptop or PC actually writing and updating my blog.

Ciao for now, xoxo

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  1. Salam kenal! Blongnya keren dan enak;)! Saya lihat bahwa Anda upload banyak foto makanannya. Apa Anda mau mengembangkan blognya lagi?
    Kunjungi page kami di: Semuanya gratis, cepat dan tanpa limitasi. Anda bisa upload sebanyak files (audio, video, pdf, jpg, dll.), membuat koleksi berkas dan bagikan dengan lainya. Coba servis kami tanpa registrasi :)