Monday, December 9, 2013

just another day

and I am taking it slow, nice and easy.
It does feel good being able to finally sit in front of this screen, not just browsing and keeping up to dates with friends on the facebook, or googled cake photos for ideas and inspirations, nor watching SKKS episodes over and over again on Youtube but, actually writing and updating my spiderwebbed blog (for leaving it far too long), leaving big question mark on some people, wondering and guessing whether I still bake or not.  
Yes, I do!
I still am!
and enjoying it too!
 and with many new goodies, cakes , brownies , pavlovas, and cheesecakes to satisfy their cravings.


I don't know where to start!updating my blog, I mean.......

so, what should I do?
I am so out of touch, I have all these beautiful pictures of  the cakes and cupcakes, but I am just not sure which is whose or when,. Perhaps I would just start by loading the pictures first, and the story comes later

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