Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello ! how i have missed my blog, it's been left untouched, unopened ( well, opened but uuupdated, is there such word as unupdated? Whatever......)
i am back! well Ihope I am.
what have I missed? a lot I think and I have not visited my other blogger friends too.
I am here, still at my working table in my small kitchen, still baking, still decorating  cakes whilst at the same time doing my motherly and wifey duties to my three children and husband.
The picture above, is an old photo, taken from my picture archives. i am just testing whether i can still load pictures in my blog cos I wasn't able to do so before and hence the long absence from my blog.
The owner of the blue lovebirds are already married and this cake was for their engagement.
There is a story behind this cake, there is always a story behind every cake.
12.45 am every Saturday I would switch on to 8TV to watch this Korean drama, despite not really following the story but somehow it kept me company most of my long nights decorating my cakes and cupcakes

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