Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You made my day, beautiful ladies!

between 1.30 am and 6 am, I managed to make all these, plain bake cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, oreo chocolate cheesecake, chocolate moist cakes, pecan butterscotch cake and marble cheese brownies.in the next few hours, we would be driving to KL, for a short break. Why? It's the school holiday ! My kids had been asking me to take a break after seeing how hard I had been baking the last couple of weeks. 
so, where am i now? not very far from our place, it was only about five hour drive from our place but that nite it took us much longer, say three extra hours longer.! We reached Kota Damansara at 12 midnite, after leaving Alor Staq at around 4 pm. The worst jam ever ( actually there was an even more worse than this ) but this is as bad. 
However, if this will make the kids happy, then, be it. We spent some time at one of the shopping malls here, me, bought a few books, yup, cake decorating books of course, got a few things for the kids too,, ,

my second day here was even better, had breakfast with my fellow baker at the Loaf in Subang Jaya. Spent a few wonderful hours talking and chatting and exchanging stories from the general topic , about the decreasing moral in the youth today, to the school system, to the maid issue, which left us cringing, knowing what we had both been through, almost too similar cases , to the one thing ( among others, of course ) that we both have in common, baking and cake decorating.
three hours passed , so quickly and it was already time to say goodbye, thank you kak jun for taking the time off to see me, till we meet again in cyberspace after this.

I had a few hours to spare before my next meet-up with yet another wonderful and dear person. so I walked alone int that big Empire Shopping Gallery, looking and admiring the window displays, and me, being me, just couldn't resist the temptation of buying a new pair of shoes. One shop that really melts my heart  was the shop with the lovely lace dresses for cute young girls.Those dresses made me wish that my little girl, Batrisyia is still a little girl, a two year old toddler, so that she can wear those gorgeous little lacy, ribbony dresses.

My friend, or rather, more like a sister to me, came at around two and we headed to another location in Shah Alam, where we had our lunch at a cosy little cafe at the SACC Mall..Again, another few wonderful hours spent together, chatting while digging in the roast chicken with potatoes and broccoli, ( which the lady forgot to make in the first place), but since we were in no hurry to go elsewhere, we wouldn't mind waiting.Tasted the cheesecake there, as usual, it was typical of me, wanting to taste how other cakes or cheesecakes taasted like and mmmmm, it was okay, not quite to my liking, but it was alright, but the roast chicken was good. I finished the whole plate!Thank you Kak Jee for taking your day off to see me, appreciate it.

Meeting and spending a few hours with two wonderful friends/sisters in one day, what more could a lady ask for. I am blessed to having known them, one , of whom I had only known the past three years , only because we both love baking and the other, for more than three decades, because we went to the same school and had been keeping in touch ever since.Three years and thirty years are just numbers, it felt like we have known one another forever!

There's yet another lady that I would wish and hope to see, another wonderful lady, in fact , all these ladies that have crossed my path have all been wonderful, I wouldn't describe them any other way. Wishfully I would love to see them all but my visit is very brief and I only managed to see only a few.

Thank you beautiful ladies, you have made my day!


  1. Huish sapalah another lady yang tak jumpa dgn Zue tu? truk tul la dia!

  2. ntahlah Wiz, agaknya siapa lah tu....hehe.....insyaallah ada rezeki nanti, boleh jumpa dgn that lady and i am sure when we meet, she would have made my day too!BTW, we are still here,