Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 2 Abah and Umi in Alor Staq

Cake in jars, the craze, the in thing, after cupcakes, came the macaroons or macaron, followed by pavlova, and in between, the rainbow cake and red velvet, until recently, the baking world once again, is buzzed with this new sensation. Everything wants to be bottled, red velvet in jars, vanila cakes with buttercream, blueberry fillings , cream and chocolate ganache layered in jars, rainbow cake in jars, if possible anything and everything which is layered and looks nice want to be bottled, why? They look pretty! Aren;t they? Added with a decorative doile underneath the lid, tied with a simple ribbon, this jar of cakes is suitable and presentable enough to be given as gifts to your loved ones, to your friends and relatives, and not forgetting, as hantaran too. All you need is a little creativity, and you will receive  remarks like this:
"it's too cute and x sampai hati nak makan".

30 jars of vanila cake layered with swiss meringue buttercream, blueberry fillings, buttercream and chocolate ganache, for Farah's pot luck session with her colleagues. my first batch of cake in jars. I had been tempted to make them , bought a few jars, looked up the recipes but just couldn't find the time to make them, until Farah's request came in an email. I thank her for putting me up with this challenge, without which i would still be toying with the idea of whether I wanted to make them or not.Thank you Farah.

this hantaran cake looks kinda similar, isn't;s like a dejavu, you have a feeling that you have seen it before but where...... you are right, you have seen it before, only a couple of weeks earlier for this lady requested for an almost similar design to the one I made for my customer on the 16th may.

with red velvet inside, i covered with 'bakers rose' colour fondant and decorated the cake with pinkish store bought gumpaste flowers,and later on placed in a transparent hantaran box and decorated with just simple ribbons around the box , one of the earliest pick up for the day, for an engagement ceremony in tandop. she and her family came all the way from Perak and later on, when the 'majlis' is over, she would come and collect the MAG-D and MAG-A plus the red velvet birthday cake.Thank you kak Eda

yellow theme for the akad nikah hantaran cake, picked up just before the majlis, another red velvet cake.thank you Nawar

just a simple deco for this set, Mama came and collected this set at around 7 am, the earliest pick up on that day.Thank you Mama

100 pieces of brownies with walnut in a square casing and another 100 pieces of chocolate cupcakes in cups with dome cover for Nawar's wedding, as door gifts.Thank you Nawar.Thank you Tsara', ameer and Batriysia for helping Mama with the ribbons, and the packaging.

the other red velvet birthday cake to be brought back to Ipoh.Thank you Adik.

What's with these brownies, they were meant for the 100 sliced brownies door gift but it had already been written Pn,Noormala's name on them instead of nawar's,  they became hers. the former called me up in the morning asking me if I had any cakes available and of course I didn't because I did not normally make cakes in advance, I only make and bake them as and when requested, but this was one lucky lady for I had made these BWW and they would only be picked up the following day. since BWW was not difficult to make, she, being one of my most supportive customers and so, I offered her these two if she was interested and I could make more for the door gifts, and of course she agreed.Thank you Kak mala.

The two MAG-Daging and one MAG-ayam for kak Eda to bring back to Ipoh.Thank you Kak Eda

The cake: Brownies with walnut
The theme: purple and white
the requirement: place the BWW in a box with window and decorated with the purple and white theme


plus, she also brought two more boxes for me to deco with brown

and pink theme. Quite last minute , fortunately I had the ribbons and flowers.Thank you kak Min.
so, with all these cakes and brownies, door gifts, and cake in jars, where are my abah and Umi?They went visiting my MIL.At least they wouldn't be bored with their daughter busy making cakes.
to be continued....


  1. Hi Zue, you still on holiday?
    Love these cakes, but never seen cakes in jars.
    How you do that?
    Your baking skills never fail to amaze me, with your cakes that would make any FB 6 star hotel manager jadi malu.

    Zue, hey, why not change your template so can have bigger pics....these present template don't do justice to your beautiful, creative baking.
    Anyway, you sty beautiful, have fun.

  2. hello Lee, back to reality! back to driving kids to n from school. back to baking, back to cooking, back to housekeeping
    I haven't actually seen them ( cake in jars) only in blogs, and I guess i see them live when I make do I do that? i just assemble them in the jar, some people actually bake the cake mix inside the jar, put them in the oven and bake them! I just layer them using the ready bake cakes and ready made fillings and ganache.
    you are too kind with words Lee, I am still a learner, still a lot that i don't know about baking and cake decorating, and my so called 'baking skill' also amazed me sometimes...hehe......
    i am struggling with this template and you are asking me to change fo r anew one, I am not IT savvy lah LEe, old school lah....know a little little only.....but perhaps nanti, i will try to make it more canggih.(ever heard of this word?, it was not there during my SPM time also ).
    beautiful as always, having fun? trying to, thanx for sropping by Lee
    Have a nice day!