Saturday, June 23, 2012

I could conquer mount Everest!

 Two nights in a row, making two new things, first the chocolate eclair and now the cream puff.

with these 'achievement', I feel that i could conquer Mount Everest.!!! a little exaggeration here.....macam drama Queen pulak.

Cream puff? Chocolate eclairs? I  am pretty sure some would say, " Cream puff? BIG DEAL , Eesy peasy......the easiest to do, just make the choux pastry and custard cream and you get cream puffs, right? Wrong! Not to me, it ain't, the thought of making eclairs, or cream puff,  something which tasted so scrumptious must be difficult, you know, the pastry, I am still confused, sweet pastry, savoury pastry, choux pastry and when I go through Martha Stewart's book, all kinds of names appear, more confused.....

but those two nights, i had to do them. It's not something that I could say 'No' to. so, i googled, I looked thru my collection of cook books, recipes collection ( which were everywhere, mind you ) in this year's diary, last year's note book, in my small note book, in my black note book, in my old STF recipe book, practically everywhere but one place. Now I was wishing that i had done what I was supposed to do, compile everything in one place.

for cream puff, I knew how to make the choux pastry ( thanx to my success in making the chocolate eclair the previous night.. I just used the same recipe for cream puff. But what about the custard cream? There are many versions, which one should i make? my friend, who ordered these cream puff was a big help.With her advise and with one recipe found on the net , plus the recipe in my book, I started making the custard.....after stirring it for quite a while ( it takes a lot  of patience to do this, keep on stirring till you get the stiff consistency.
filled the custard inside a piping bag and piped it into the puff. My friend suggested to pipe it through the bottom and not on the side, to avoid messiness and she was right. With just a size slightly smaller than a ping pong ball, all you need is just pop the cream puff straight into your mouth and it just melts , the thick custard cream inside the soft puff just melts in your mouth,
I never knew cream puff tasted this good. i have tasted cream puff before but it didn't give the same effect s it did when i made it myself. the fact that i had successfully made both the chocolate eclairs and cream puff made it taste a lot more sweeter. Aaahhh.... the taste of success.....big smile, HUGE!!

now i feel more confident to try out more new recipes. speaking of which, i have a long list of new recipes to try, from tiramisu to trifle ( yup, another easy dessert, trifle ) but kept postponing to make them. I used to make them regularly before but not here, i have not made it yet. soon, i hope.

till then, ......errr, that Mount Everest has to wait......:-)


  1. Hi Zue, cream puffs is always my weakness, whenever I see it at a cake store, sure to get a few. And I can polish off east 6 to 8 one go!
    Yours looks so the texture.
    No, its not easy, many I've tried, at most I to be polite, eat 2.
    But the really outstanding ones, I hit 5 above, ha ha.

    Donuts, plain ones and cream puffs, raisin biscuits, this three I love among all. Only yesterday had 4 donuts with my iced coffee.
    I bet your kitchen really smells sweet too with your baking all this.
    Have fun, Zue.....

  2. Hello Lee, sorry took a while to reply, been busy, been blurrr....about lots of things,parents meeeting teachers week, ( kids' exam results thingy), sis in law minor stroke, parents came to visit, baking, thinking, etc, etc...
    c'est la vie!
    hey! i am very....VERY.....proud of my cream puffs, bet that you'd eat mine, like you said, 6 to 8 in one go cos i have got the thumbs up, maybe two thumbs up from my hubby, mu most nortorious critic....( Lee, I masuk bakul angkat sendiri here, hope you don't mind...haha...)
    it wasn't that difficult, if only i knew....
    you and me , same taste, i like the donuts plain too, no hanky panky with all those toppings, hu.uh, no way, just the traditional plain donut with sugar, that's it.
    my kitchen ....the smell, is a mixture of my baking and my perfume.....just had my shower, to get ready for tonite's chocolate moist cakes , two birthday cakes for tomorrow and a set of carrot walnut cupcakes.

    feel like having Maggi mee with curry flavour tonite,, want to join me and my kids for a bowl of maggi mee, lee?
    you take care, will visit you soon.

  3. Hello Zue, how you doin'? Just dropped by say hello.
    Miss you. Senang datang.....
    Have a great week.

  4. Hello Lee!Hello back to you!

  5. Hello wickedwarhol!
    long time no hear from you, thanx for dropping by. You too, like cream puffs? boleh gang dengan Lee or uncle Lee to some people.
    love those gorgeous photos in your blog.