Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 1 of abah and Umi's visit

upon arriving at our house, the first thing that attracted my father was these three little chubby, hairy and gebus kitten, Lily's little kitties. They are less than a month old.  Abah has always been cat lovers ever since I can remember and my brother, sister and I used to have a cat each when we were small. we named them Chomel, TamTih, cheloreng, and many many more....

my version of mee sanggul goreng for a hungry husband at close to midnite.

Basic ingredients for Asam Pedas:
red chillies, small chillies( chili padi), galangal, ginger and tumeric. 
This step by step guide on how to make Asam Pedas ( umi's version) is a guide for me, for my future reference. I don't fancy asam pedas but my other half does and every time we go back to my home towmn, my Umi never fail to cook this for him. As for me, she would cook either sup tulang, or ikan kerisi goreng plus sotong ( yang ada telur ) rebus with shallots and lemongrass....yummmmm....

blend them all and mix with the already blended mixture of dried chillies, shallots, garlic and prawn paste ( belacan)

just pour it into a pan ( no need to fry or saute it ), and some water and leave it to boil, don't forget to add in the lemon grass, bunga kantan and daun kesum, plus kacang bendi and a few wedges of tomatoes

taste it with salt, sugar and some tamarind sauce, add in fish ( can use ikan keli, ikan pari, in this case, we use ikan.....err, I forgot the name of the fish, need to ask my Umi..)

done! it kinda look like singgang to me, Umi once did another versiion, drier and redder ( the colour is very red and looks very hot ) than this version.

our lunch for that day, Asam Pedas ikan dotdot..., jeruk maman which Umi brought from Kelantan, sup tulang rusuk, sayur bayam, ikan bawal emas goreng, 
Dessert for me, since they don't really like pisang nangka, i made this pisang sira using the balance of the pisang nangka which i freid the day before. 
very easy to make, just slice the banana into two, place them in a pot, pour some water, just enough to cover the bananas, threw in a couple table sppons of sugar and cook them till the sauce or sugar syrup is almost dry....yumm, my favourite since i was small....

batrisyia helping mama , making ribbons for the door gifts.thank you dear

MAG-D macaroni au gratin for Farah, she wanted to try this after seeing the photos so often in the blog

plus 30 jars of cakes, still in the process of layering them....to be continued..

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