Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sweet soft green and yellow

as a gift to a Prof in one of the local Uni here in Alor Star, from a lady in KL, not just any lady, my good friend, not just any friend, my secondary school friend,

ring! ring!
I was interrupted by a ringing tone from my Nokia phone
"Abah lalu "Hj. Ramli", nak tak?"
bagaikan orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal..........it's a big YES or just a simple answer from me, " cantik sekali!"......
message understood and he hung up the phone.
okay, that's lunch settled for today, all I have to do next is finishing this entry, and later pick up the kids from schools, not just one kid but three kids and not just one school, but from three different schools.

How I wish I could just change things to the way they were when I was schooling. No abah or Umi sending or picking me up from school because school was only a five minutes walk away from home, thus, no shouting in the morning, " hurry up! it's already 7 am!". In fact we, my Abah( who's one of the teachers in my school ), Umi and I , my eldest brother and sister were already up and about by then, and already were in our neighbour's house called Mek Hawa who sold the nasi berlauk in the morning.That's breakfast taken care of and Umi sometimes made nasi goreng for me to bring to school.Even if she did not have time to make them in the morning, worry not, for she can always send them to me or rather hand it over to me via the fence behind our house because the school is ......just right there........

maybe I would like to change the 'transportation ' area but maybe not the 'bathing' area. there was one major difference, kids today or rather mums today , okay, me in particular, do not need to boil water in the morning for the kids' bath for they only need to turn on the hot water switch and the hot or warm water just whoosh out of the tap
that was my primary school experience but things were totally different when I was in my secondary school, because I was away, far, far away from home, for five , long but beautiful years, and yet, the sending of food did not stop there, it still continued but not over the fence, this time via registered parcel which contained not nasi goreng but rather packages of serunding daging or ikan bilis

This lady, who requested for this 'hamper' share the same long but wonderful five years with me in the same school, shared the same nasi kawah, air sirap biji selasih during the fasting month, shared the same sky when we watched the movies on the netball court, and shared the same bus going back to our home town during the school holidays, we were only to be separated after our SPM exam where we went separate ways but after many many years, our paths crossed again

goodies for 'makan-makan'- red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese, blueberry cheesetarts, brownies with walnut, semolina cookies, choc chip cokies and melting moments

in Zue's Oven hand drawn paper bag

thank you Jay for your trust in me in making the hamper to be given to the Prof, and thank you Azizul for collecting them on her behalf.

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