Monday, September 5, 2011

MAG for Wati and her adik beradik from johor to ber buka puasa

Thank you Wati


  1. Hello Zue, wangi betul your cakes, ha ha. Looks so good too.
    If I your neighbour I sure try bribe with oranges, nasi lemak, durians, just to get a piece of your delicious cakes.

    With a neighbour like you, lupa how to spell cholesterol, ha ha.
    Have a pleasant weekend.

  2. hello Lee!
    if you are my neighbour, you can 'teman ' my hubby 'halau' nyamuk in the garden , if you know what I mean, you light up your Lucky Strke with your Zippo and hubby dearest , his Cigar or something with his 'lighter', whilst your Mrs LEe and I will be busy exchanging recipes.....haha......
    you have a good day too Lee!