Sunday, September 4, 2011

carrot cake and MAG for break fasting

Carrot cake BEN 10 for Danial's 8th birthday

and Sue ordered MAG together with the birthday cake

bakar siap2, ready for her berbuka

Ita and and Nas also ordered MAG, Ita wanted to try and so did Nas, after seeing MAG in my kitchen many many times, as in Nas's case, I think it's not just her who wanted to taste this MAG but it's more of the baby in her tummy talking, quite a last minute request, called in the morning and to pick up by noon, if not for the baby, I might have refused, but since I was also preparing for another order, I could just increase the ingredients and make one pregnant woman happy! and the baby too!!!

Thank you Sue, Ita and Nas who ordered these macaroni au gratin ( MAG) for berbuka puasa

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