Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy 50th anniversary abah dan Umi

one rainbow cake covered with fondant and decorated with gumpaste flower, surrounded by eight vanilla cupcakes which represented their eight children and 22 mini chocolate cupcakes for the grandchildren, blue for grandsons and pink for granddaughters, and I think more are on their ways, err.... but not from me :-), the next arrival would be from Sg Buloh, I think , and probably from Puchong too.

This is me, one blue and two pinks....

slicing the rainbow cake

"Umi, I think this one has your name and Abah on it" That must be what Kamila said to my sister

a cup of Nescafe that I look forward to everytime I go to my sister's place

and a 'bungkus' of nasi kak wok for breakfast

Batrisyia playing chess with her cousin, while her house is still in the renovation stage

these mini cakes and cake were driven all the way from alor star to machang, Kelantan for my uncle's son's wedding ( the son is my cousin )

fortunately they survived the five hour journey , unlike my parents' anniversary cake and cupcakes

which I had to do some touch up and repair works before they end looking as good as before they left Alor Star

abah and Umi dearest, Selamat Menyambut Hari Ulangtahun Perkahwinan ke 50 , semoga berkekalan hingga ke hujung nyawa, and I would make more anniversary cakes for Abah and Umi., insyaAllah.

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