Thursday, January 29, 2009

choc cuppies for my brother's lady friend in KL. yup, these cuppies survived the 3 hours drive along the North South highway.
This purple theme cupcakes were made for my youngest brother's akad nikah in Skudai on 19th Dec 2008. The cuppies survived the long journey all the way from the North to the South, together with another set of choc cuppies for my other brother who is in KL, for his friend's birthday on the 19th Dec.( So many brothers huh? Actually I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters, that makes 8 of us, remember the series "Eight is Enough" in the 80's?)

This is the cuppies that I made for my youngest brother's kenduri on 24th jan 09 back in my hometown, the cream didn't look as smooth as the pro's but for an amateur like me, am quite pleased with the result. This time, the cuppies travelled from the West to the East using the Timur Barat Highway which took us about 4 hours drive. As usual, my daughter, my baking companion, in the background.


  1. Salam Zue... bravo !!! not bad at all for a beginner !!! happy that you finally managed to get your blog up... and for the cakes deco n all that ..... keep practicing on the cake, and you'll be a pro in no time dear


  2. hai Daalia.. thanx for dropping by and the kind words