Saturday, July 28, 2012


it'sbeen soooo.....soooo.....long since I last updated my blog.I had just finished cleaning and dusting the ceililng fan and the concorde, and the shelves and the dry flowers and thot I'll have a break and I can't have my Kitkat cos i am fasting, yes , we are now in the holy month of Ramadhan.and while i am having my breather, thot I'll do some spring cleaning to my blog too. luckily, no cobwebs if not Spiderman would be swinging from one cake to another...haha...

..even though i had not updated my cake collection photos but i have been coming here, it's just that I was at a loss for words, they were all cluttered and crammed in my head with "oh, i have not sent my 'kain' to my tailor yet, ' and oh, i have not settled the quit rent and assessent yet, and " oh, gotta go to Batrisyia's school to see her teacher about her exam results, and Tsara's school, and Ameer's school, and the list goes on and on and on , just like the Eveready battery or was it duracell? Wahtever!!

This sweet came last weekend to my kitchen, it's been a while, more than a year i think but i still remember him and the name of the girl that he made the birthday cake to, but only this time it is for another girl! naughty, naughty!
I did my first Stitch for him and his 21st key shaped birthday cake previously, and this time he still wanted 'Stitch' but this time, Stitch has a friend, which he didn't know what it was called.When i asked him, all he said that he bought it during his visit to Cameron highland with his family. So, i decided to use the Cameron Highland theme, that's why , strawberries everywhere.... to me , the mention of Cameron highland, two things come to mind, Strawberries and tea
hope you like it chong and so will your 'friend'...wink wink......hope you will enjoy your birthday celebration in Haadyai......sawadeekap! and kappunkaap....

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