Monday, July 30, 2012


The MCB, i baked. it was an order frlom a friend, for her daughter's birthday.Her hubby, her other daughter, and now  this daughter, MCB, MCB and MCB, they are real MCB fans and I am not complaining cos it is one of the easiest and fastest to make.Even, if you call in the morning for it, you can pick it up in the afternoon or evening, provided of course I am at home to do it and I am not too busy with something else......hehe.....

The deco, from the blossom flowers to the two cut out kitten, and the bling bling, all done by batrisyia, with a little touch up here and there from me , of course, but she did nearly 100% of the deco
first, she cut out the blossoms, layered them, then the alphabets, she then arranged all these cutout on the cake board, the same size as the MCB to see if the deco fit the actual size of the MCB.After getting the green light from me, she then transferred all the deco on to the MCB itself and wallah!!!!! Thank you Batrisyia for assisting Mama and thank yo Ita for this order, happy birthday to sweet Auni Marrisa.
this is another of Batrisyia's work of art. the caned tin was wrapped in plasticine with different colours and she made it as her 'tabung' to keep her pocket money in
creative anak mama ni.


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  2. Hello Cristeen!
    Thanks for dropping by!glad you like it. tried to visit you back but couldn't get access it.
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