Monday, February 20, 2012

Ready...Aim... shoot.....

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, decorated with archery theme
she gave me a few sample photos for me to follow, credit goes to the original design, i am just realising my customer's wish using the deco which she gave me as a sample
these cuppies were for her students who took part in an archery competition.
her verdict:

" The kiddos loved the cupcakes
the cikgus loved them too.
Thank you so very much:)))
keseronokan yg tidak terhingga melihat cupcake cupcake itu...he he he"

thank you Sharina for your continuous support


  1. Hello wickedwarhhol,
    thanx for the nice word, but it would look much better with your gadgets.... and yup, it sure does look familiar......did you get a bite too? Thanx for dropping by and take care!