Sunday, February 19, 2012

what came out from my oven

marble cheese brownies
10 x 10 inches, with simple deco, with fondant ribbon and roses, thank you Yanie

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
9 x 9 inches, with simple buttercream deco, thank you Su
bluberry cheestarts with 'TQ' on each one, thank you Yanie
another marble cheese brownies, as it is, thank you Jid

chocolate moist cake with ganache,
9 " round, thank you Cik noh
'pound'cake ( i think, ) because the recipe asked for 1 lb of everything, i just followed the recipe given to me, thank you za, glad that your 'pegawai' loves it.
pancakes or serabai barat, plain scones for breakfast


  1. Hi Zue, you never fail to impress me with your delicious creations! Outstanding!
    Can see you certainly have a 3rd Dan Black belt in cake making.

    Zue, you ada time drop by my pondok....
    You are headlines in my blog, *wink*.
    Be seeing you.
    Have a nice day, stay beautiful.

  2. hello Lee!
    I have just got back from Haadyai, got a good massage and did facial too!se se ni! thank you for the nice words Lee, you sure know how to make ladies see two moons and stars,
    dunno about the black belt but i do love cake making and decorating
    will drop by sooonest , me in the headlines? hmmm.... i wonder Stevie Wonder........
    okay, be seeing you!
    you have a beautiful weekend Lee! my weekend sudah habis, esok, kena jadi drivers to my kids, sending them to schools......