Sunday, October 2, 2011

AIESYA on stars

I thought I recognise her face the minute I opened the door and saw her standing there, she looks just like her mother. She found me in the net, when in fact I have known her family for quite some time now, it's a small world!

her specific request, one teddy bear, one present but I made two, the yellow one has chocolate ladybird inside

a birthday message on a 'note' , " happy 1st birthday"

and her daughter's name spelt on stars and one oreo chocolate cheesecake, The only request that I cannot fulfil was to put the stars on top of the cake because this is one of type of chilled cheesecake and I doubt it could hold those sticks, but nevertheless she's happy with her daughter's birthday cake

thank you Haniza and Happy 1st birthday AEISYA.


  1. The cake was nice! Everyone enjoyed it. My mom loved it! Glad doing business with you ;-)


  2. Hi Zue, how you doin? Heard you feeling under the clouds? Hope this finds you well.
    Love that cake and your warm generosity.
    Happy birthday to Aiesya.
    And you get well quick.....